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2021 NDCF Karaoke Showdown


Qualifiers Win Free NDCF Tickets

Qualify to Win an Opportunity to Sing at NDCF...and More



1. Participants may try to qualify as many times as they wish at any of the participating Host venues; but once you have qualified for a venue’s in-house final competition, you can no longer compete in the weekly qualifying rounds at that location and you must compete in that venue’s in-house final competition. You can only represent one venue at the Grand Final.

2. The top 5 singers from each venue’s in-house Final will advance to the Grand Final.

3. Employees cannot compete at the venue where they are employed. Karaoke Jocks (KJ’s) cannot compete at the venue where they are working. They can compete at another venue.

4. You must be 21 years of age or older before you can start to compete at any level in the contest. Be prepared to show valid ID.

5. This is an amateur competition. You are considered an amateur if you are NOT contracted with a Record Label.

6. The weekly top three qualifiers will advance to that Venue's in-house final competition, receive a ND Country Fest GA Weekend Admission Ticket (Music Only), and possible other merch items. They will be distributed at the venue’s in-house final. You must return to the venue’s in-house final where you qualified and compete to receive your ticket you won at the same venue.

7. You may compete in a group act and a solo act, but only at the local level of competition. You cannot advance to the Grand Final in both a group and a solo act. You must choose only one or the other. Group and solo acts are judged on the same criteria. There is no separate category for groups. Any prizes will be awarded to the group as a whole.

8. Contestants can sing the same song as previous contestants, but you can sing the same song only once per night.

9. Ties that occur at a host venue during qualifying rounds or in-house finals will result in a “sing off.” You must sing a different song in the “sing off” to be re-scored by the judges.

10. You cannot change your song selection after the song registration has closed. You cannot listen to the other contestants sing and then decide to change your song selection. Exceptions: A CD not playing properly or song/version not available.

11. All judges are to be selected and qualified by the Venue hosting the competition.

12. You may not view your score or anyone else’s score.

13. All genre of music are allowed. All is judged on the same criteria. A song of all acapella is NOT allowed. Playing the guitar and singing with no music CD is not allowed. Neither of these are karaoke.

14. Talking to and contact with the judges by contestants or spectators is forbidden. Harassment of the judges is grounds for disqualification from the contest. This contest is to be conducted in the fairest forum possible.
Improper behavior, poor sportsmanship, and bad manners that result in disrespect for other spectators, contestants, judges and the host Venue’s personnel will be grounds for disqualification. Final decision to be made by ND Country Fest.

15. Singers/KJ’s can use their own ORIGINAL CD’s at any level of the competition. ALL MUSIC MUST BE IN ORIGINAL SONG FORMAT; PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL REMIXES (A.K.A. MASH-UPS) ARE NOT PERMITTED. ALL MUSIC PROVIDED BY A CONTESTANT MUST BE ON A DISC; JUMPDRIVES, PHONES, IPODS, OR OTHER DEVICES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Music purchased online must be downloaded onto a CD. Have the proof of purchase with you and available to be viewed. Replicated CD’s, illegally purchased or obtained CD’s or music will not be allowed at any level of competition within the contest. Any legal or financial responsibilities accrued from the use of replicated CD’s or illegally purchased or obtained music while conducting the contest is the responsibility of the Karaoke Company, it’s employees and the people competing in the contest. There is no responsibility to ND Country Fest/ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown and as such, they shall be held harmless in this matter.

16. ND Country Fest/ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown is ONLY responsible for prize packages provided entirely by ND Country Fest, LLC.

17. ND Country Fest/ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown reserves the right to exclude any person or persons at any time, for any reason, from the ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown.

18. ND Country Fest/ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown reserves the right to use all names, photos, video, music and information acquired during the ND Country Fest 2020 Karaoke Showdown in any promotional materials.

19. The 2020 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Grand Final winners will receive an added Prize Package.

20. After a singer has won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the Grand Final level, they cannot compete in the contest again, at any level in future Contests (Unless ND Country Fest may do a "Winners Tournament in the future).

21. Failure to comply with all “Rules and Regulations” may result in disqualification.