Brianna Helbling and the Outsiders


When you put together a mix of seasoned musicians working to “do something different than what they have done in the past” and a fresh young talent you get Brianna Helbling & the Outsiders. Lee Queen (lead guitar), Kevin Speidel (vocals/rhythm guitar), Mitch Bosch (drums/vocals) and Dave Bosch (percussion/vocals) are no strangers to the Bismarck/Mandan music scene having played in numerous bands over the years. Lee has toured from border to border putting on high energy rock shows with ND Music Award winning Hangmans Joke while Kevin, Mitch and Dave have spent years together in a more laid back band, Charlie Horse. With the four getting together to jam Aaron Knoll was brought in to fill the bass duties. All having different musical styles had the possible setlist ranging from Classic Rock to Funk to Pop. One thing seemed to be missing....COUNTRY! And what better Country to do than female Country? The invitation was sent out to 16 year old Brianna Helbling, who has been performing and writing songs since she was 10, to provide that female Country voice. After only a few rehearsals it was clear that the guys were indeed “doing something different than what they have done in the past”, being members of a COUNTRY BAND. Brianna Helbling & the Outsiders brings you the best of today's Country along with Classic Rock, Pop and original music.